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Download Murderer 2014: A Gripping Film About a Father, a Son, and a Girl Who Knows Too Much

Download Murderer 2014: A Review of the Korean Thriller Movie

If you are looking for a gripping and dark movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat, you might want to download Murderer 2014, a Korean thriller movie that was released in January 2014. This movie tells the story of a serial killer who lives in a small village with his son, and a new transfer student who discovers his true identity. In this article, we will review the plot, the actors, the director, and the strengths and weaknesses of this movie. We will also give you our recommendation and rating, as well as answer some frequently asked questions about Murderer 2014.

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What is Murderer 2014 about?

Murderer 2014, also known as Salinja or The Murderer, is a Korean thriller movie that was directed by Lee Gi-wook, who also wrote the screenplay. The movie is based on a short story by Kim Young-ha, a famous Korean novelist. The movie has a runtime of 75 minutes, which is shorter than most Korean movies. The movie was not widely released in theaters, but it was screened at some film festivals and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

Who are the main actors and director?

The main actors of Murderer 2014 are Ma Dong-seok, Ahn Do-gyoo, Kim Hyun-soo, and Kim Min-seo. Ma Dong-seok plays Joo-hyeop, the serial killer who hides his identity in a small village. Ma Dong-seok is a well-known Korean actor who has appeared in many movies and dramas, such as Train to Busan, Unstoppable, Along with the Gods, and Squid Game. Ahn Do-gyoo plays Yong-ho, Joo-hyeop's son who is unaware of his father's crimes. Ahn Do-gyoo is a young actor who has also starred in other movies such as Horse Doctor and PUBG Ground Zero. Kim Hyun-soo plays Ji-soo, the new transfer student who befriends Yong-ho and finds out Joo-hyeop's secret. Kim Hyun-soo is a rising actress who has also acted in other movies and dramas such as Snowy Road, Solomon's Perjury, My Love from the Star, and Penthouse. Kim Min-seo plays Mi-hee, Ji-soo's mother who has a mysterious past. Kim Min-seo is an experienced actress who has also appeared in other movies and dramas such as Good Doctor, Moon Embracing the Sun, Babyfaced Beauty, and Queen for Seven Days.

The director of Murderer 2014 is Lee Gi-wook, who is also the writer of the screenplay. Lee Gi-wook is a relatively new director who has only directed one other movie before Murderer 2014, which is called A Bittersweet Life. Lee Gi-wook is also a producer who has worked on other movies such as Chronicles of Evil, Derailed, Master, and Unstoppable.

Why should you watch Murderer 2014?

You should watch Murderer 2014 if you are a fan of thriller movies that have suspenseful plots, intense scenes, and unexpected twists. You should also watch Murderer 2014 if you are curious about the story of a serial killer and his son, and how their lives are changed by a new transfer student and her mother. You should also watch Murderer 2014 if you appreciate the performance of Ma Dong-seok, who is one of the most popular and versatile actors in Korea. You should also watch Murderer 2014 if you like movies that explore the themes of morality, justice, family, and identity. Plot Summary

The serial killer and his son

The movie begins with a scene of Joo-hyeop, a serial killer who targets young women, killing his latest victim in a motel room. He then returns to his home in a small village, where he lives with his son Yong-ho. Joo-hyeop pretends to be a normal father who works as a mechanic and cares for his son. Yong-ho is a quiet and timid boy who is often bullied at school. He does not know anything about his father's true nature, and he trusts him completely.

The new transfer student and her secret

One day, a new transfer student named Ji-soo arrives at Yong-ho's school. She is a smart and confident girl who quickly becomes friends with Yong-ho. She also attracts the attention of Joo-hyeop, who sees her as his next potential target. Ji-soo lives with her mother Mi-hee, who is a reporter who has been investigating Joo-hyeop's crimes for years. Mi-hee has a personal connection to the case, as she was once kidnapped by Joo-hyeop and managed to escape. She also has a scar on her neck from his knife. Mi-hee and Ji-soo moved to the village to get closer to Joo-hyeop and expose him.

The confrontation and the twist

As the movie progresses, Ji-soo gradually discovers Joo-hyeop's secret by finding clues such as his blood-stained clothes, his tools, and his photos of his victims. She also realizes that Yong-ho is his son, and she feels conflicted about telling him the truth. Meanwhile, Joo-hyeop becomes more obsessed with Ji-soo, and he decides to kidnap her and kill her. He also finds out that Mi-hee is the reporter who has been chasing him, and he plans to take revenge on her as well.

The movie reaches its climax when Joo-hyeop lures Ji-soo to his workshop, where he ties her up and prepares to kill her. However, Yong-ho follows them and witnesses the scene. He is shocked and horrified by his father's actions, and he tries to stop him. Joo-hyeop then reveals that he is not Yong-ho's biological father, but he kidnapped him when he was a baby from one of his victims. He also tells him that he killed his real mother, and he shows him her photo. Yong-ho is devastated by this revelation, and he attacks Joo-hyeop with a wrench. He manages to free Ji-soo, and they run away from the workshop.

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However, Joo-hyeop chases them with his car, and he catches up with them on a bridge. He tries to run them over, but Mi-hee arrives in time and shoots him with a gun. Joo-hyeop falls off the bridge into the river below, presumably dead. Mi-hee hugs Ji-soo and Yong-ho, who are both traumatized by the events. The movie ends with a scene of Yong-ho looking at the photo of his real mother, while Ji-soo holds his hand.

Analysis and Critique

The strengths of Murderer 2014

The performance of Ma Dong-seok

One of the main strengths of Murderer 2014 is the performance of Ma Dong-seok as Joo-hyeop, the serial killer. Ma Dong-seok delivers a chilling and convincing portrayal of a psychopath who can switch from being a loving father to a ruthless murderer in an instant. He also shows the complexity and depth of his character, who has some moments of remorse and regret for his actions. Ma Dong-seok proves that he can play any role with skill and charisma.

The suspense and tension of the story

Another strength of Murderer 2014 is the suspense and tension that the story creates throughout the movie. The movie keeps the audience engaged and curious about what will happen next, as it reveals more details about the characters and their secrets. The movie also has some thrilling and shocking scenes that make the viewers gasp and jump in their seats. For example, the scene where Ji-soo finds out that Joo-hyeop is the serial killer is one of the most tense and scary moments in the movie. The movie also has some unexpected twists that surprise and shock the audience, such as the revelation that Yong-ho is not Joo-hyeop's real son, and that he killed his real mother. The moral dilemma and ambiguity of the characters

A third strength of Murderer 2014 is the moral dilemma and ambiguity that the characters face throughout the movie. The movie does not present a clear-cut distinction between good and evil, but rather shows the complexity and nuance of human nature. For example, Joo-hyeop is a serial killer who does horrible things, but he also loves his son and tries to protect him. Yong-ho is a victim of his father's crimes, but he also attacks him and tries to kill him. Ji-soo is a brave and smart girl who wants to expose Joo-hyeop, but she also lies to Yong-ho and puts him in danger. Mi-hee is a reporter who wants to bring justice to Joo-hyeop's victims, but she also uses her daughter as a bait and risks her life. The movie makes the audience question their own morality and empathy, as they watch the characters struggle with their choices and consequences.

The weaknesses of Murderer 2014

The lack of background and motivation for the killer

One of the main weaknesses of Murderer 2014 is the lack of ba

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