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Mxgp _BEST_

Honestly I thought mxgp 3 (using pro physics) was an excellent game apart from the multiplayer bugs like the track cutting. I just cant understand why they stripped back the ruts and track deformation for mxgp pro, and also didnt put in the track editor. However that remains my only qualm with the game, physics (at their most realistic setting) are fine apart from some issues with flat landings being very unreliable with how high you can jump vs in real life, as sometimes it can be only a normal jump for a professional irl, yet in the game it causes a crash. Apart from this I cant see why it gets a 3/10, it does have a learning curve and I know some games can be hard to master before this e.g. r6 siege. Or did you review it with the standard physics as I know most people play with more realism.




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